About Us

Updated: 2014-08-28

Om Crossing Boarders
Crossing Boarders is a foundation that works to progress towards an equal and inclusive society must move faster. We do instead of layover. We are a catalyst, listening in injustice and provide inspiration and ways to create change.

We work and collaborate with both individuals, companies and other organizations to make greater and faster difference.

If values
Crossing Boarders values ​​is the basis of all our activities. It describes not only what we stand for, but also our focus and efforts to develop the organization and our business. We work continuously with fundamental values ​​such as the recruitment and staff days.

What we want
Crossing Boarders vision is an equal and inclusive society. With equal, we mean that all people, regardless of gender shall have the same status, Rights, opportunities and responsibilities in all areas of life. By inclusive we mean that it is the best possible environment for all individuals to participate in society, in accordance with the individual's unique features, conditions, needs and capacities.

What we do
In order to create an equal and inclusive society we provide inspiration and methods. The basis for this work is our proprietary method Equality Effect. Through assignments, we spread our method, through advocacy, we create a more solution-focused climate, through training, intelligence and methods we learn more.

To achieve our goal of an equitable and inclusive society we need to get everyone, therefore, collaborations and accessible communication our cornerstones. We work to Equality and Inclusion should be a priority on the political agenda, on all levels.