About Us

The Foundation Crossing Boarders are working on methods for Equality. Our vision is of an equal society where power takes responsibility. We listen to the injustices and learn from success stories with the help of inspiration and methods create change. We work and collaborate with companies, authorities and other organizations to do bigger and faster difference. Some examples include our method Equality Effect, Without / Made Man, Twitter dress and Crossing Boarders Camp.

With equal, we mean that all people, regardless of gender shall have the same status, Rights, opportunities and responsibilities in all areas of life. However, it is important to remember that neither women, men or any other "group" is completely homogeneous. Various discriminatory power orders interact, change and enhance each other. The intersectional perspective is important, therefore, to Equality should concern all. Furthermore, not everyone who define themselves as male or female or feel at home in the gender identity of the allocated.

The struggle for Equality needs to be conducted from all sides, but the responsibility lies with those who have power. Power can be linked to factors such as resources, mandate and knowledge. Power can be both formal and informal. In equality work involves, for example, that it is the union that should take the responsibility to include all of its target audience, not the underrepresented target groups to break into. The Company's management is responsible for creating a good internal climate, not the norm breakers that will adapt to fit in.