About Us

Crossing Boarders vision is an equal and inclusive society where all voices can be heard and everyone can reach their full potential. We want to be a positive force working solution-focused and innovative. We work with practical techniques to help organizations achieve and include audiences they have difficulty achieving.

As a progressive organization, we want to come up with solutions and not just stand still at the problems. We think we need to get all of us to reach our goal of an equitable and inclusive society. På samma gång som vi anser att det generella jämställdhetsarbetet måste lyftas till en högre nivå och vi jobbar med begrepp som intersektionalitet, we are sure that there needed to be made complicated.

Our business rests on three legs. We teach our proprietary method Equality effect that provides concrete tools to make businesses equal, driver opinions- and information work and we have our own business where we actually exercises that we want to convey.

Crossing Boarders startades 2010 med stöd från Reach for Change. Today we have a staff of four and are in a constant phase of expansion. We get support from, among others. Terms Arvsfonden, Comviq, Umeå Culture 2014 and Youth Board.